28 days to a better body!

The festive celebrations have now come to a joyous end.. the family has been and gone, the bottomless prosecco has all dried up, there’s still chocolate lying around in abundance, yet you can’t deny that you’ve tried your best to get through it all before the new year.. It’s all fun & games until you’re back to work finding your routine again. Let this be the year you focused on getting fitter, use this moment in time as an opportunity to work on your own body goals. Make it a top priority. Nobody ever regretted getting fitter!

Now that the 4 Week Transformation Package is Here – You can expect to get some incredible results this year at a rate you didn’t think was possible!! If you don’t quite believe you can achieve these kinds of results right now, it won’t be long before you see them for yourself!

This package includes a calorie-controlled meal plan that has all the portions measured out to fit your body type. You will be training along side me on a weekly basis to keep you motivated and on track with your personal targets. You will be given a training programme that we will work through together during PT sessions & you can use in your own time.

Putting the programme into place can get a little tricky at times, and that’s why I’ll be here to support you every step of the way!

What’s included?

  • Online support
  • Calorie controlled meal plan tailored for you personally
  • 4-week training programme
  • 4 PT sessions
  • Summary check sheet

Only £149.99