Hi, I’m Lee Clay and I have been working in the fitness industry for 5 years now.

Before getting into Personal Training I represented Newcastle United Academy for 2 years, then shortly after I moved onto Gateshead College and started a 2-year course in Sport Performance, while also playing for Gateshead football team.

As I was completing my College studies, I found this to be a big turning point for me. Although I was still enthusiastic about developing my progress as a football player in the first year, by the second year I pretty much lost all interest in it. However, as a student I would attend the gym in my lunch breaks and start experimenting with the information I had gathered during my studies & own research. I became curious. I knew that regular exercise paired with sound nutrition was great for the mind, body & soul – in all health aspects.

I became hooked! I started to see my body transform into this newly profound god-like body!! Ok maybe not to that extent, but I did start to see my body taking shape, with little muscles appearing from almost no where! I loved the sense of satisfaction you’d feel after finishing a workout and that’s what kept me coming back for more.

Once I had completed my sport performance studies, I qualified as a REPs Level 3 Personal Trainer and started to pursue my career at Gateshead Pure Gym.

This is where I started to become heavily involved in Bodybuilding and Strength & Conditioning. I then began to compliment the work ethic I was putting in on the gym floor with sound nutrition. Over the 3 years I worked within Pure Gym, I instructed multiple classes that were popular amongst members, this enabled me to expand my client base and build on my reputation and experience.

In 2017 I moved to Aurora Athletic in Newcastle, which was a semi-private gym located just outside Newcastle City Centre where I worked from for 5 months with new and existing clients. The unit was then passed onto a new company, and I am now currently working from O’TOOLES and 3D Health & Fitness – Cardinal Hume.

All clients receive free access to both gyms during PT sessions once any of the block booking options or bundles have been purchased.

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