Chris had been going to gyms on and off for the past year or so, not really showing a great deal of interest or commitment towards his training. Although he knew it was important to improve on his fitness. Losing interest with your training can be triggered by a number of factors. Not seeing the results you want when you’re working so hard to get them, lack of understanding on how to use the equipment to your advantage, structure towards your training regime, finding motivation to go in the first place! These are just a few of the things which could potentially be holding you back from the body you want.

When Chris first signed up, he was undergoing pre-season with his football. So the main focus at the time was to improve his overall fitness. This involved a lot of muscular endurance drills which has took his fitness to a new level, because of this, our attention has turned more to resistance training, where we can now build our strength and confidence up in this area too!