Custom Training Programme

The customised training programmes are designed & varied from one individual to another, considering current fitness levels, capabilities, facilities & what you’re wanting to achieve.

The programme will be split up into 2 separate phases, while each phase is followed through for 4-6 weeks depending on your progression. Progress will be monitored through the training & summary check sheets that are provided. You will be held accountable for recording your monthly measurements, changes in weight, weekly training performance & (optional) transformation photos. This information will then be analysed every 2 weeks by myself to assist in overcoming any obstacles, issues or plateaus that may occur. We will review previous training weeks & discuss upcoming training sessions with scheduled calls via Skype, FaceTime or Voice call on a weekly basis to keep you on track with your goals.

I will be here to help support you with any questions you may have via email before signing up.

Before starting, I will need to ask you a few quick questions you can fill in on the survey before creating your plan.