Donna is currently working hard to rebuild herself up from some major injuries which have taken place in her life, which have affected her daily routine, and still to date. We have been limited in ways with what we can do and what we can work with during sessions. At the beginning even certain bodyweight exercises were too difficult to execute without causing pain and discomfort, so from the get go it hasn’t been a straight forward process.

Donna went ahead with PT with the mindset to lose a few pounds and inches but, when you consider the injuries, realistically you have to take a step back and work on your weaknesses and help regain and rebuild strength and stability in areas where it’s needed!

In the time we have spent together, we have overcome fear, broke down physiological barriers, performed and executed exercises we couldn’t do without assistance, and now doing with resistance!

You’ve come a long way Donna, well done!

Progress Update

It’s amazing to watch over these few clips knowing at one point, not one of the exercises could be executed properly.

The impact movements are always improving; we are now thinking less of what could go wrong and instead getting straight on with the drills that have been carried out. This is a massive mindset improvement in itself; we are capable of pushing ourselves a lot more but we are working on having the courage to ‘just go for it’ and it’s starting to pay off!

We are getting a lot more comfortable in the weights room too, feeling more secure and stable throughout each rep and set while the weights are still on the increase.