What is it?

The lifestyle nutrition plan covers the basic but essential principles we all need to be aware of in order the form the foundations of a healthy lifestyle. The information provided within the plan covers the key topics of nutrition, & other related health factors that contribute towards leading a healthier lifestyle.

The lifestyle nutrition plan breaks these key topics down into specific categories to give you a better understanding of how to implement these steps into your ongoing day-to-day routine. Taking into account of what your current lifestyle consists of right now, and what your day-to-day habits look like. Consider the categories that are specified, then take the necessary steps one-by-one in the most realistic way.

Some of the categories explained goes as follows:

  • How to count & calculate calories
  • Understanding food labelling
  • Efficient ways to plan & prepare meals
  • Healthy fats & the types to watch out for
  • Looking after your digestive system
  • Improving your metabolism
  • Importance of portion control & more!

The plan is to develop new and improved day-to-day habits that will ultimately transform your lifestyle for the better. Remember, developing any habit, particularly positive ones take time to process & adjust too. Don’t rush it, let your mind & body digest the process with time. Changing your lifestyle doesn’t happen overnight  – take baby steps if you need too, & enjoy the ride!

The lifestyle nutrition plan supplies you with over 60 meal choices you can enjoy on a regular basis, giving you plenty of variety to choose from, and the opportunity to improve your day-to-day habits!

What’s included?

  • Over 60 meal choices
  • Weekly Meal Plans (set meals & snack options)
  • Pre/Post Training Tips (effective meals/snacks to have around your training)
  • Nutrition Guidelines (Understanding food labels, Portion control & more)
  • Take Home Notes (useful notes that I’ve stuck by for years)

Price: £29.99