What is a nutrition programme?

A tailor-made nutrition programme is designed for individuals who want to optimize their meal planning around work schedules, and daily commitments to maximise their results, in and outside of the gym – feeling better about themselves in the process and taking their body composition in the right direction.

Trying to create your own plan from scratch can leave people confused right away by misunderstanding the role of macronutrients (macros), and the effect they can have on the body in the right quantity and ratios from person to person. I would be naïve to say people don’t know the difference between healthy and unhealthy foods yet misjudging the nutritional values of what each product holds can be the never-ending mistake to why you aren’t seeing the results you want.

When you’re planning & preparing your food in advance regularly, you start to feel like you’re taking back control of your calorie intake, which is something you should always try to manage and maintain. If you take your diet as it comes from day to day with no real thought or consideration to nutrition you will undoubtedly struggle to make any improvements both mentally and physically.

Creating these programmes are unique to each individual plan where specific things need to be taken into account for each person’s targets and requirements. Developing and implementing these changes into your ongoing routine isn’t always straight forward and might take a bit practise to get right, however, the outcome is to form new, long-term eating habits that are sustainable.

How would this benefit me?

The process of eating right and living a healthy lifestyle is different for everyone. Its being able to find the balance between your goals and the lifestyle you want to lead. Finding the balance can be the tricky part, so it’s important to identify and prioritise the fundamentals before planning accordingly for them, and around them for optimal results.

In the fast-paced world we now live in, it can be easy to get caught up in today’s society and allow it to take control of you, by making you feel like you have to ‘eat on the go’ or get that ‘quick sugar fix’ to keep you going. The truth is, you don’t need to live like society wants you to, yet it is becoming increasingly more common for people to have inadequate diets that is putting their health at greater risk. What’s worrying once more, is that these forever increasing health problems can be passed on through poor eating habits, down to future generations, promoting more unhealthy lifestyles to come.

Following a nutrition plan gives you personalised guidance on how to improve your eating habits while assisting you in reaching your desired fitness goals by strategically putting meals & snacks in place that works effectively for you and your routine, developing that essential balance you need. The programme is for those of you want to compliment your training regime with quality nutrition and take it up a level. It is for the those who’ve lacked interest in the healthy food department for some time and know they need to change things up for the better.

It can be hard to motivate yourself to eat healthy food on a daily basis, especially when it hasn’t been part of your normal routine. Sometimes it can be the lack of variety that keeps the thought of eating well a dull thought or eating the same things repetitively can make you lose interest in progressing to the next stage. While on the other hand, you may have plenty of variety but still lack portion control, and without portion control it will only make your body goals harder to achieve. Eating ‘healthy’ is and isn’t the solution to your goals – it’s the quantity you eat your macros in that has the greatest impact.

‘You are what you eat’ – you’ve heard it right? It isn’t a myth, it’s true. You literally are what you eat!!
What you eat has a big influence on how you feel and how your body regulates itself, and how your body regulates itself is down to your metabolism. Your metabolism is essentially how your body converts foods and liquids into energy – which can be hereditary. Having a slow metabolism can be partly the reason for weight gain while having a fast metabolism can be a struggle to put weight on. Although these things are very true & there are ways to improve your metabolism, it still doesn’t take away the importance of your Total Daily Calorie Consumption (T.D.C.C) whether you’re in a deficit or surplus, which normally is the key problem.

While following this programme it will take any guess work out of your meal planning by giving you the necessary information on what to prepare, and how to apply your meals into your ongoing routine with effective yet simplistic meal options that fit your routine, get you through the day, and the body shape you want.

Eat well, Feel better, Live longer.

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