What is a personal meal plan?

A personal meal plan is an organised way of looking after your diet. Meal plans are structured for individuals who want to optimize their nutrition around work schedules and daily commitments to maximise overall results – taking your nutrition, focus, health, and body composition to the next level!!

How would this benefit me?

The meal plan is designed in a way where your calories, nutritional values, and dietary requirements are all accounted for prior to starting. This resolves any continuous calorie tracking or confusion as you experience the flexible-eating plan. Meal plans range between 4-6 meals per day (snacks included as meals).

As part of the calorie-controlled meal plan you will be equipped with a recipe pack that is dedicated to nutrition and is packed with tasty, result-driven recipes.

Following the programme keeps you on track with your nutrition and fitness goals, whether that be to cut weight, maintain general health, or to bulk up your lean muscle mass.

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