Specialist areas
  • Body fat reduction
  • Muscle tone and development
  • Strength & conditioning
  • Functional specialist
  • Sport specific training
Single 1to1 Sessions£34.99
Block Book 5 1to1 Sessions£134.99
Block Book 10 1to1 Sessions£249.99
Group Training£30 per session (between 2-4 people)
What is it?

Personal training can give you invaluable information on how to go about your ideal fitness goals in the most efficient way possible. It can be the pathway to your new-found health, where you will feel more motivated about attending the gym & working out in general, due to having structure in place with your training split, and a new approach to your day to day diet. We will be in contact with daily check-ins to see how your own training is developing, exchanging meal prep photos and any fitness related questions you may want to ask, which im more than happy to give my advice on. During sessions you will have that daily/weekly push from myself to keep you focused and on track with your targets. This will essentially help change your mindset towards your training because you now have realistic goals set in place, and a strategy to achieve them.

As a regular gym-goer and Personal trainer, I know it takes a lot of effort, patience, time and consistency to get the results you want. You only get out what you put in, so during training time you have to be willing to push yourself to your limits, to get the most of each session, each set and each rep! During PT sessions you will be able to practice getting comfortable, be uncomfortable – trialling and experimenting with new techniques, weights and exercises that will be designed to maximize your physical and mental abilities.

Once you have committed yourself to Personal Training you will be provided with a training programme that brings light to new exercises where you will be shown how to execute them safely and effectively. This alone will be very beneficial. For years I was doing exercises wrong and reading misleading information that I was putting into practice, wasting valuable time in the gym. You have the option to miss that process out and receive the accurate information I had been searching for, for years! Not only would you be savings yourself a lot of time gaining tips and useful information, but you will be able to take that knowledge you have received into your own sessions and well into the future. In addition to becoming more knowledgeable around the weights, you will also be given a variety of drills to perform relating to your desired goals – if & when required.

How can it help me?

People take up Personal training for many different reasons, whether they are a complete novice to the gym, right up to high performing athletes – the top and bottom of it is.. you can get more out of each individual session with the right approach, and the support of someone who’s on your side and wants you to succeed. Period.

As a novice there can be countless obstacles in the way before you even step foot in a gym – that can put you off and keep putting you off until you become frustrated with yourself for wanting to help yourself, but not having the courage to come forward and do something about it. You aren’t alone, there’s people out there just like you!

Not knowing where to start can ultimately be the biggest problem, especially when you aren’t as confident as you’d like to be training on your own terms. This is a common trait amongst new gym-goers, where they tend to be restrictive with their options in the gym, and likely to stick around the cardio equipment because it’s a safe option and you can finish with a sweat on.

You might not be new to the gym, but you may be struggling to see results. You might train regularly but find it hard to challenge yourself. You might have a training routine, but feel it going stale, or you could even have an injury and you’re not sure how to work around it. Whatever the struggle, there is a solution.

We all have different areas where weaknesses can affect our development, so it’s crucial to recognise those things as a PT, so that we can work and resolve any issues together. This is where my personalised training sessions can play a significant role in you becoming a more educated gym-goer.

As a Personal trainer I can bring a new perspective to your training once I understand what your body is capable of and how hard you can be pushed. During PT sessions you will realise you are a lot more capable of what you think you can do. We will attempt and accomplish challenges you wouldn’t have the courage to try out on your own. Overcoming these obstacles might not happen straight away, but it’s a feel-good factor giving them a go. This brings satisfaction and heightens self confidence that you can build on and take into your next workout!

In most sports it’s extremely important to be physically fit, and still people who train at athlete level can seek the help of a Personal trainer – but why if they’re already fit? If you have the knowledge what more is there to know? Sometimes it’s not about that. It’s about getting that extra 5% out of a session you couldn’t possibly get on your own. It’s being able to push yourself passed your failure threshold with a trusted spotter. Its for those moments you’re gasping for air and ready to give up, as your coach commands you to pick your energy back up – giving you that sense of urgency you need to finish off what you started!

Having appointments booked in each week can help you stay committed to your training long term, while indirectly assisting you with staying organised outside of the gym. You have to plan your training around your work commitments, which is part of structuring your weekly routine. Making time to train is down to attitude, repeating it daily is down to commitment, overtime it becomes habbit. Your decisions all add up in the end!

To find out more about personal training view case studies and photos.

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