So I’ve been working on a mini project lately creating case studies for clients. This is to help me monitor each individuals progress and to also let you see what actually goes on during a PT session regarding peoples abilities and goals!

Sam has been making some great noticeable progress within the time we have been working together, despite her condition known as C.P (Cerebal Palsy) which has an effect on movement and co-ordination. We are still working hard on improving muscular imbalance but with Sam’s work ethic and consistency we are always moving forward!

Progress Update – November 2016

Here I watch through the footage with you guys and explain each individual exercise for you, to get a better understanding of what Sam and I have been doing during our PT sessions.

The increase in variation amongst different exercises should, hopefully speed up the process to regain strength in both legs and help to continue improving muscular imbalance, which has also been getting noticeably better. Some new, more advanced movements have been incorporated into our routine.

It’s fantastic to see how far you’ve came since day one Sam, Well done!

Progress Update – March 2017

Here I talk through three of the biggest improvements to date Sam and I have made while working together, we’ve faced obstacles in the process but it’s how you overcome them that’s most rewarding!

Before we go into that, I want you to know where we started from. During our first few sessions, my goal was to work out what and how we could train to maximise Sam’s potential progress. This was an exciting learning curve for me as well as Sam. The idea was to find out what would be most effective in our current state, from movement, flexibility, strength and weaknesses.

It was clear to see that Sam couldn’t do much with her legs, with her being a wheel chair user. After a number of conversations and a couple sessions later, I picked up the courage to approach her regarding her legs. I felt I had to be straight up about the topic for Sam’s benefit, to fully understand and help us move forward. While being wheel chair bound with little flexibility I didn’t know how much of a difference I could make to help with strengthening her legs, but because I’m passionate about getting the best results for my clients, I wasn’t giving up on trying!

We started off using a resistance band, imitating the same movement as a leg extension. It wasn’t ideal because of the limited range we moved through, but it was creating pressure on the legs and that was good enough to continue putting it in our routine. From that point on, we have escalated further. Now, we are able to do wall squats, use the leg extensions, leg press and more importantly, we are now walking on the treadmill after not using one for over 11 years!!