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Ashleigh Bone

I always told myself I would never get a PT because I was scared I wouldn’t be to cope 1:1 I was always just attending gym group classes and skinny pigs - but I’ve been training with Lee since January and now I couldn’t train without him, after the first session I was already so comfortable and realised PT was not as scary as I thought! He knows his stuff and pays attention to all the fine little details that you wouldn’t think were so important, I’d been doing simple exercises wrong in the past until Lee showed and explained how they should be done and the results definitely show. He believes in me more than I believe in myself and is always pushing me to my limits. I lift weights I never thought I’d be able to lift and I feel so good after every session! I only train once a week with Lee but he’s always checking up on you through texts every day to help and guide me on my other training days and meal prep. He’s changed my hatred for the gym and every session is always a laugh and I have loved seeing my weight transformation! Would most definitely recommend Lee.

Cheryl Bone

I've been working with Lee for about 6 months now and I absolutely love it. Before I started with him I was so lazy and I absolutely hated the gym. I was petrified of the thought of personal training. Now every week it's my favourite session of the week. He always has different things to do to keep me interested. I've learnt new things that I now feel confident going in the gym on my own and I know exactly what I need to do rather than going in pretending I knew what I was doing and leaving after 10 minutes! He pushes me too my limits sometimes, I still remember my first session when I could barely walk up the stairs after! I always recommend Lee to all my friends because he's made me actually enjoy exercise. Not just the exercise but his meal plans are amazing and we are always discussing ideas on what I can have. Thank you for all your help and support Lee

Nick Waddle

Couldn’t recommend Lee Clay enough to anyone who is looking to start PT sessions. Cant quite believe I let myself get to the size I did before I done something about it, but Lee was a huge help and his PT sessions over 4 weeks have helped me massively on my way to reaching my goal. His knowledge on all things gym related and healthy eating enabled me to reach my weekly targets even when I was working away from home. He has just provided me with a custom training program too after our PT sessions, which will help me even further to reaching my target. Cheers Lee

Paul west

I’d been lifting for a couple of years and put some muscle on but couldn’t drop the fat so was just a bigger version of myself. Just short of my 53rd birthday I started to look for a PT. I watched them with their clients and then looked at their websites. I picked Lee because he has the athletic physique I would like. I booked a 10 session course and after only 4 weeks I had lost a stone. The help and encouragement via msgs has been fantastic. It’s by far the hardest work I have ever done but I’m now fitter, faster and stronger than I was 25 years ago. I will be working with Lee again and will be purchasing one of his programs.

Jess Southern

I decided to look into PT a while back when I began to realise that endless amounts of cardio paired with an inadequate diet wasn’t getting me where I wanted to be when it came to my fitness goals. After reading through the case studies and reviews on Lee’s website I decided to give it a try. From the very first session Lee made me feel comfortable in a new gym environment and after just a few months I can say that I have learnt so much about exercising using a variety of equipment targeting different muscle groups. Lee has also taught me just how important nutrition is to achieve my goals. Lee demonstrates commitment through daily communication regarding nutrition which has enabled me to adapt my diet accordingly which has been especially useful whilst working long 13 hour day and night shifts. I can’t thank Lee enough for the confidence he has given me, every session continues to push me forward and I have achieved things I didn’t think possible before beginning this journey. Lee has made me realise that my fitness is not a destination, it is a lifestyle.

Dan Mccann

Loved every session I worked with Lee he was very informative and motivating. No session was the same and I look forward to training with him again

Ashley Griffiths

In the short period of time training with Lee I have learnt new techniques both physically and mentally. My strength has increased along with my form. Lee also helped me on the nutritional side encouraging me to eat more and stop ruling out certain foods. I would highly recommend Lee as he pushes you to your limits.

Jason Squires

I’ve been going to the gym several times weekly for 8-9 years before working with Lee. Although I recently felt that I wasn’t quite pushing myself hard enough during my solo workouts. Since working with Lee… Being ‘pushed harder’ is probably the last in a long list of positives… Not only does he push me harder than I’ve ever pushed myself before, my form and technique have improved, my endurance is the best it’s ever been, and I’m laser focussed on my fitness goals. Lee is also great at keeping in touch between training sessions… Checking in on what my daily food intake consists of - which keeps me firmly on track, as well as making tweaks/suggestions on my portion sizes, meal timings, and ensuring that I’m getting the right mix of protein/carbs/fats. All in all, if you’re considering working with a personal trainer, I’d definitely recommend Lee – he’ll be your secret weapon to your new found health and fitness!

Josh Kime

I have been training with Lee for a couple of month now and he has helped me push past my limits every time at the gym and I can see the results! Doing everything to personalise the training sessions and diet plans to suit you so that you reach the goals that you want to achieve and will keep you motivated all the way.

Stevie Fay

I’ve been training with Lee for a few months now inbetween me working away. In that time I’ve grown in confidence with the training plan and also have gained technique (not perfect yet) with the various routines. This has been due to Lee’s effort in both pushing and educating me on various forms of the healthy living plan, wether it be training methods or eating habits. He regularly checks on my eating habits and recently put an end and a stop to my portion control (or lack of it) and what not too eat and what to eat before and after training. I had very little confidence to try anything other than the running machine in the gym but now I feel I’ve been given the confidence, education and encouragement to try the things I wouldn’t have went near a few months ago. I believe my goal is Lee’s goal too and that’s to get me back in a 32” jean first of all, it may not be in a month or so but inbetween us getting there I’ll have looked after my body and also ate the right foods. Lee’s character and friendly attitude and the nasty PT when required should see him go right to the top of his industry and I couldn’t recommend him more. If your after a PT I’d look no further than Lee.

Kyle Neil

Lee's a fantastic personal trainer! As someone who isn't used to the gym he made me feel very welcome and gives great advice!

Emily stewart

Thanks to lee my hatred of the gym became a love to it he's got plenty of banter as well as good advice he's also good at pushing you to your limit

Paul Scorer

Great PT, when I started I didn't know what to expect but Lee put me at ease from the first session. He is a great motivational instructor who pushes you all the way to get the best out of you. My fitness level has improved significantly since I started with Lee along with my stomach reducing in size. He has a vast knowledge of what exercises , gym equipment to use & diet requirements you need and tailors this around you. Lee has got a great personality that motivates you and I always have a good laugh during our sessions albeit most of that is down to my lack of coordination skills. Each session is different so your not stuck doing the routine every week. I would recommend Lee to anyone looking for a PT

Christopher Gribbin

Excellent trainer, I was struggling going to the gym till I signed on with Lee, very motivational and very highly recommended. He helped me to improve my fitness and strength.

Jane Forster

I decided to start PTing after having 6 months off from the gym due to a running injury. I have been to some of Lee's boot camps in the past so I knew that he was good. Since starting personal training my body shape has changed massively, and I have lost a lot of body fat. It has given me the confidence to do things in the gym when I'm on my own that I would have never done before and the diet plan he has provided is great, the meals are quick and easy to make but tasty. I would highly recommend lee if anyone is looking to start personal training. Best thing I've ever done.

Sarah Turnbull

I was so nervous looking for a personal trainer as its not something id ever think id be comfortable doing however lots of people recommended me to Lee and i definitely made the right decision. He is easy to get on with and makes you feel very comfortable, he motivates you at all times. His sessions are planned to suit your needs and he makes sure you get the most out of your sessions. He is 100% committed to you to help you achieve your goals ..... highly recommended!!

Phoebe Swan

I decided to start looking for a PT once I started losing weight because I had no knowledge of what I should be doing and wasn't really sure where to start, after just the first PT session I felt comfortable and more confident. Lee consistently helps me push my boundaries and my fitness is rapidly increasing, I used to hate exercising but Lee is constantly keeping the sessions fun and introducing new things to keep me on my toes. I've seen a huge difference in my attitude and energy levels since starting and I look forward to seeing more results. Would massively recommend 🙂

Julian Oczkowski

I've been training with Lee just two months but I can see my endurance and strength has increased. My weight has stayed the same so far but it was not my intention to loose any. My body fat has decreased which means am gaining lean muscle. Feel better, look better. That's all thanks to Lee's training plan, experience, dedication and attention to all his customers. Devil is in the detail and this guy knows tricks that helps everyone progress better and faster. For me personally Lee's customer case studies was the thing that made me choose him as my PT.

Robyn Walker

I started training with Lee about a year ago. I had originally joined the gym with a friend but he dropped out after going with me once. I knew I needed some support if I wanted to continue with going to the gym as I knew I would be too scared to do it alone. Having had PT in the past I was slightly hesitant to take it up again. My previous experience left me doubtful that anyone could help with me lack of self confidence. Then I met Lee! He has been supportive from day one and is still pushing me to do the best that I can. His sessions always go by too fast because he keeps exercises interesting and challenging. I was terrified of going to the gym before I met Lee. He made me realise that I shouldn't worry about other people and just concentrate on what I want to achieve. I still get moments where my anxiety and depression sneak up on me but I know Lee is only a message away, ready to give me the motivation I need. A year ago I was convinced I couldn't run, was too scared to do a squat and had only been to the gym alone twice. Now I have new hurdles to overcome and when I look back I know I couldn't have done it without my PT. If you want a PT who is understanding but will push you to be proud of yourself then you need Lee. He's never given up on me.

Khelda Sewell

No matter what your level of fitness from a gym bunny to a new starter Lee will push you to achieve your goals. I started training with Lee when my previous PT moved premises. Lee was highly recommended and I was not disappointed, he has a fantastic knowledge and is passionate. Training with him is focused and FUN he pushes me to my limit and every session is different. Lee listens to his clients and ensures that each individuals PT session is bespoke to their goals and fitness. On a personal level I have added muscle and gained weight. I love every minute training along side Lee. Don't sit on your sofa surfing the net thinking that's something I would love to do - contact Lee get in the gym I promise you won't regret it

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