Custom Training

What is a training programme?

A training programme is designed to assist you in improving your overall health and well-being. Tailor-made training plans are created specifically to your requirements and desired goals. It can be sport specific and designed in or outside the gym – not just for improving body composition purposes.

Although these programmes can be made to suit each individual, I specialise in body fat reduction, muscle tone and development, Strength & conditioning – within a gym environment.

Before designing the plan, I have to consider the following:
  • What do you want to achieve?
  • How often do you train?
  • Current fitness levels?
  • What your diet consists of?
  • Your sleeping pattern?

I have to be aware of these factors before initially creating the plan.

Providing this information gives a better understanding of where you’re at physically. This is where I can analysis and work out the best solution to each individual’s goals. Making challenging yet realistic adjustments to your training will help you continue to work on the best version of yourself.

How would this benefit me?

Following a training plan helps develop your commitment towards exercise by having an effective workout routine in place that increases your routine structure towards exercise, improves work ethic during workouts, and creates more mental focus towards your goals overall.

Expand your knowledge and increase your intensity to get those real results with your very own training programme!!

We will have a 30 minute consultation before the plan is designed.